Speak for E-learning

An absolutely decisive factor for e-learning is the voiceover that is used. It is the voice itself and the quality of the recording that makes all the difference.

Our professional speakers are not just good at speaking – they are excellent at conveying messages and creating exactly the atmosphere and dynamics that are needed.

Audio book recording

For several years, we have recorded and produced many audio books, both for adults and children. Regardless of whether the speaker is the actual author or a professional speaker, it is important to get the maximum out of the person in question. It is about creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere, aligning expectations for e.g. opinion and ‘energy’ in relation to the manuscript and provide good and constructive guidance along the way.


In order to get the full benefit of a podcast, it requires that the sound recording and narration are made in high quality – which, among other things, means recording in a ‘sound dead’ room so that unnecessary noise is avoided, the right voice, a professional microphone and proper post-processing of the recording.

We have the facilities, the speakers and skilled sound technicians, so your podcast will meet market requirements and we can offer both single recordings and dialogue recordings (between 2 people at the same time).

Speak for radio and TV commercials

We offer finished sound production of advertisements for radio and TV spots or raw recording, which is subsequently processed by the customer. Regardless of which solution is chosen, the customer is more than welcome to participate in the audio recording, and thus have the opportunity to ensure the quality of the recording immediately. There is also the option of connection via Skype, so Danish or foreign customers living far away can also ‘participate’ during the recording.

Get your audio production optimized for direct use on radio and TV stations, professionally adjusted to the maximum sound level for the channel standard.

Speak for VoiceOver

Use speak for voiceover for the company presentation, product presentation or documentary program.

Regardless of the type of voiceover in question, it is important that the voice, the communication form and the speed is timed precisely in relation to the media.

Our experienced technicians ensures the qualitative output with regard to the technical terms and to a great extent in terms of the communication form.

Speak for VoiceResponse

High quality sound which – despite the compression – is ‘transmitted’ clearly to the receiver.

Traditionally, this part of our work has been and still is really important, as we produced the first voiceresponse solutions for automated phone systems in Denmark.

Thus, we were involved from the very beginning with analogue and digital voice machines in Denmark and are still handling the sound recordings for many of the major and nationwide voice response systems.

The company’s telephone voice

The voice on the phone represents the face of the company. Do not compromise in that area.

You can choose either to use one of our professional voices or your own voice from your company.

We have extensive experience in making sound for many types of telephone systems. Based on your script, we record the desired phrases (text messages) and name them so that it is easy for you to find your way around.

We deliver the desired phrases in the audio format that your particular telephone system uses, and ensure optimal sound level and quality in relation to the specific system. Our technicians have deep knowledge of the various call flows and therefore also know the methods of how to inform your telephone customers correctly. It applies to all recordings that we have a great focus on emphasis, tempo and the right ‘smile’ in the voice.

Audio description / Visual interpretation

Audio description is a service for the blind and the visually impaired, where an “interpreter” describes what is happening in the picture and thus allows to follow the movie or documentary without being able to see. It is made as a special audio track, which is sent simultaneously with the image of a movie or TV show.

Multimediestudiet collaborates with film companies and public service channels to provide visual interpretation for various productions – primarily in Danish.

In addition, we collaborate with skilled speakers/interpreters in the field who manage to prepare and record vivid and descriptive scripts for the visual interpretation.

If you need speak for e-learning, radio advertising, voiceover, telephony or other projects – we have the voice for it.

Let yourself be inspired by the demos in our speaker search.