• Multimediestudiet - The professional speak studio

    Voices and langugages from all over the world

  • Located in the heart of Hillerød

    High quality audio recordings

  • Custom-built speaker box

    Radio/TV commercials
    Audio description

  • Large network of professional speakers

    Let yourself be inspired by our many speaker demos

Sound recordings in Hillerød’s cosiest surroundings

Our many years of experience with audio recordings, our facilities and extensive network create the best framework for professional speak in all voices and languages. And in Hillerød’s cosiest surroundings.

We can offer advice on your audio challenge from start to finish, act as sparring partner on content, structure and choice of voice – and additionally be in charge of the entire technical execution and post-processing in our professional recording studio. Our network of skilled speakers is large and our custom-built speaker box and experienced technicians are a guarantee for the quality of the sound recording.

We have our regular speakers who are represented here on the website. In reality, we can offer far more speakers and languages, as we have a large international network in the industry to draw on. So, if you haven’t found the voice or language you want spoken via our speaker search, don’t worry. Get in touch and we will find the perfect match for you.

Use us for

E-learning |  Audiobooks | Podcasts | Radio/TV commercials | VoiceOver | VoiceResponse | Audio description and visual interpretation etc.

We ensure that your project is carried out and successfully completed in a safe environment. At us, we work very consciously to put our customers at the center and do our utmost to deliver high quality every time.