“Multimediestudiet is a very competent and flexible partner whom we have worked together with on several projects. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and not least the finished product. I can definitely recommend Multimediestudiet.”

“Multimediestudiet is the guarantor of good quality. They always deliver fast and excellent work, which is highly appreciated by our many audiobook fans. It is always a pleasure to come visit the studio’s cozy office, where coffee and a nice chat is always offered. I would at any time recommend Multimediestudiet!”

“Multimediestudiet is flexible and works at a high pace without compromising on quality.”

“Multimediestudiet creates an atmosphere of equal parts of presence and peace. It makes reading aloud safe and simple. The book almost recorded itself.”

“Working with Multimediestudiet is as working with good colleagues from another department in your own company. Communication is informal, yet serious and professional. The professional competence is high, just as the quality of the product supplied. Thus, I always feel comfortable with recordings of voice messages from Multimediestudiet.”

“I have worked with Multimediestudiet on replacing our entire call flow and all our speaks. Right from the very first contact on the website and to the end it has been a very professional and good cooperation. It is very clear that you work with professionals – there are not many issues and the job is delivered above expectations and to the agreed time. I can only give Multimediestudiet my very best recommendations.”

“It is a great pleasure to work with Multimediestudiet. Professional sparring and quality is top notch, and there is great sensitivity to the individual needs and wishes as well as quality assurance of the products.”

Call us for a non-binding talk on +70 20 30 90, come by for a cup of coffee, or send us an e-mail at contact@multimediestudiet.dk.
We look forward to helping you further and hopefully being part of your next sound project.